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One Thursday afternoon about a month ago, a splash of colour appeared at the admin. buildings of the informal settlement at Die Kop. Children carrying shopping bags full of recyclable waste began to queue at the gate, patiently waiting their turn to go into the “Treasure Chest.” The reason? Word had got around that if you brought all the recyclable waste that you could find in one or more plastic shopping bags, you could join the line into the treasure room, and for one bag of stuff, you could swop it for a beanie, a pencil and a rubber, or a T-shirt, a small toy doll, a picture-book and more! The queue had been given a short talk by Johan van Taak , Overstrand Refuse Manager, showing them how a small plastic bottle would become transformed into a large Coca Cola bottle, and plastic cast-offs could be transformed in various ways in the recycling factory, instead of just being dumped into a land-fill.

You can help, donations are needed in order for this wonderful idea to go from strength to strength. Appeals will be sent to large companies, but we rely heavily on what you as Stanfordians can give. We are looking for :


  • Jeans and shoes for boys and girls of all ages
  • “Hoodies” and other warm clothing
    • White school shirts, grey shorts and longs/ navy  or maroon skirts for the girls

     All of the above to be clean and in good repair, please.

    • Stationery including ballpoint pens, crayons, rubbers, rulers, notebooks
    • Toys, bags, peaked caps, etc. as well as anything you deem would appeal to adults as well as the children.


    Monetary donations can be sent to Rotary Club of Stanford

  • FNB Account 623 559 796 95 Branch Code 250 655
    Or via the PayPal Donate Button on this page for our overseas friends

New Stanford President – Malcolm

The Rotary Club of Stanford held their Induction Dinner for Malcolm Bury who is the new President for 2014-15

Graze Café wowed us with a wonderful dinner











President Malcolm and outgoing President Stephen

Malcolm PP Stephen 




Winter Warmth 2014

The Stanford Rotary 2014 Winter Warmth blanket and bed sock distribution is complete

Every year, Stanford Rotarians mobilise the community to donate blanket or funds to allow us to help those in need.

This year, blankets, bed socks and baby blankets were distributed.

Many thanks to those who supported our campaign and to Rotarian Lana Coates who co-ordinated the project.



New Table – Fynbos Akademie

Table Fynbos

Rotary Stanford presented a new table to Fynbos Akademie so the boarders could sit around and do homework and play in the evenings.

Many thanks to the maker of the table for his help in making this happen.

Malcolm & Lana handed over the table on behalf of Rotary Stanford



Bags of Love Appeal 2013


… Christmas Cheer for the Needy …

Christmas time is rapidly approaching and most families have already given some thought to sharing gifts and sumptuous food with loved ones and close friends.

In Stanford, South Africa, there is a large community of very poor and needy folk, who have nothing much to look forward to at Christmas – not even a basic meal.  Many of the poorest of the poor, children, the sick and the elderly rely on the five soup kitchens in Stanford for nutrition but the good folk who run the soup kitchens also need a break so they are closed for two weeks over Christmas time.

This why the Bags of Love are so very necessary, not only to feed the needy at this critical time but also by bringing a small measure of cheer into their lives.

The Rotary Club of Stanford will again drive the Bags of Love campaign this year and coordinator Lana Coates will ensure that all bags collected will be distributed in Stanford.  We have the full cooperation of Stanford churches and Social Services Groups who, while working on the ground, provide lists and addresses of those in genuine need.

Through the generosity of many caring people, not only in South Africa but abroad as well, it was incredibly heart-warming to hand out 210 Bags of Love last year and it seems our target for 2013 needs to be closer to 250.

The cost to fill a bag is R130.  Should you wish to contribute to this very worthy cause, you can make a donation into the Rotary Club of Stanford’s bank account, via PayPal, and we will fill the bags on your behalf.  Simply go onto our website – – click on the “Donate” button, and this will take you directly to our PayPal account.  Details are already filled in, so all you have to do is put in the amount you’re donating and your personal details.  Please be sure to reference that your donation is for Bags of Love in order for it to be allocated correctly.  Once that’s done, email me with your contact details so that I can follow up from our side.

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated, and go a long way in helping a poor family enjoy their Christmas.

Yours most sincerely

Lana Coates

Project Leader – Bags of Love


Keeping Warm & WoolWorx

This year we have been able to combine our WoolWorx Project with our Winter Warmth Campaign.

Our first distribution of Woolie Jumpers etc to young children was on the 29th & 30th April 2013

Further details to follow shortly

Stanford Rotary Open Evening 17th April

On 17th April 2013 The Rotary Club of Stanford will be holding an Open Evening where we will be highlighting some of our projects and the benefits of Rotary Membership.

All are welcome to attand

The “Old Art Cafe” at 6:30 pm

Please contact Ansie (082 320 0982) Stephen (084 705 6719) or any Stanford Rotarian for further details


New Wheelchair for Lidia

Further to our recent appeal for a new wheelchair and the very generous help of donors, the new chair was delivered to Lidia on 28th March 2013.  She and her parents are very happy because it will make all their lives a lot easier. Thanks to Elma Hunter for bringing this to our attention, Bruce and Irene Ivey for their very generous donation, and Ansie and Bea Whittaker  for their donations, as well as ordering the chair and having her sister deliver it to Stanford

Car Boor Sale 30 March 2013

Car Boot Sale 30 March

Thank You for Stumbling….

The Rotary Club of Stanford would like to thank Stanford and all that took part in the Stumble last Saturday. The weather wasn’t the best, but the great atmosphere more than made up for that.

With Rotary getting a reputation as “Rain Makers” maybe we should hire ourselves out during the dry times…

Pictures etc are on our facebook page!/groups/130813770283217/


Donate to Stanford Rotary Club



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